Thursday, 2 March 2017


A week-long life on narrowboat.
Sleeper train, midnight whiskey, ever-green Scottish greens, friendly hikers and cyclists, kitting with a cup of tea under the Scottish morning sun.... A highly recommended slow holiday.


Monday, 11 July 2016

new books

Here is a belated update of our library collection.

From our old & new collection: books form Japan, something for holidays, architectural & design inspirations.... and many more at the salon. Hope you enjoy!


Supplement to the Italian Dictionary
Bruno Munari

A well designed book of Italian hand gestures. All you need is some body-language skills with big smile and you will manage to get by pretty much anywhere (we're very good at this when we go on holidays)! 
A surprise gift from our lovely friend couple. Thank you Vanessa & Benjamin! An useful book for all of us. 


Four Thousand Threads 
Dick Jewell

A collection of 4000 found images from various social medias, carefully put together by the artist. Funny enough, I found about this book form a thread on a social media. 
Once you start you can't stop! You will notice that each image moves onto the next image like a slow moving story. 
Some of the pictures are very funny, so be careful when you see this book in public spaces!

ソーシャルメディアを題材にした作品を多く発表しているアーティストDick Jewellによる、4000枚の写真が収められた写真集偶然にもこの本を知ったのも、あるソーシャルメディアのスレッドからだから、ソーシャルメディアのパワーってすごい。

Encyclopaedia of Stationeries  文房具図鑑
Kentaro Yamamoto  山本健太郎

Originally started as a Summer holiday project by a Japanese 12 year old boy Kentaro, this all-hand-drawn encyclopaedia of stationeries is a remarkably detailed work of art. He amazingly covers form Japanese stationeries to Western stationeries, from small names to big names. A future stationery master is here! 


Lucky Peach 
The Pho Issue, Summer 2016 

Our favourite food magazine does Pho finally. 
Nothing can beat a 12 hours broth Pho with big pile of fresh herbs, but why not an instant Pho sometimes?
Pho is good, because you feel good and healthy eating it somehow, definitely a lot healthier choice than Ramen. This issue will make you want to fly to Vietnam!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Japan shapes

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Vitra Campus

Place we visited:

Vitra Campus