Saturday, 30 November 2013

Introducing Yarok hair products

BHC in very excited to introduce you to the new addition to our secret weapons - Yarok hair products!
Yarok is an organic hair care company founded by a NYC hair stylist Mordechai Alvow, with a concept to make the greatest positive impact on hair and scalp health with the least negative impact on the natural environment. All products are made with carefully grown certified organic plants
Do you think organic hair products are less effective? Not Yarok! 
And they all have very addictive slightly spicy aromatic scent that we are already addicted to! 

自然環境への負担を最小限に抑え、髪と頭皮の健康を最大にすることをコンセプトに、ニューヨークのヘアスタイリストMordechai Alvowにより開発されたオーガニックヘアケアブランドです。

All available to purchase at BHC. 
Clockwise from bottom left:
FEED YOUR VOLUME Conditioner---£19.00
FEED YOUR VOLUME Shampoo---£19.00
FEED YOUR ROOTS Mousse---£18.00
FEED YOUR HOLD Hair Spray---£18.00
FEED YOUR ENDS Leave-in Conditioner---£18.00
FEED YOUR SHINE Hair Serum---£22.00
FEED YOUR DO Styling Whip---£18.00

Thursday, 14 November 2013

BHC Christmas holiday

BHC will be on holiday from Monday 23/12/2013 to Monday 06/01/2014. We will be opening on Sunday 22nd December before our holiday begins. If anyone needs last minutes hair fixes before Christmas, we will be here! We are going to keep an eye on our emails during the closure, so please feel free to contact us for your bookings in the new year!

Salon hours during the holiday period are as below. We will open as usual on Tuesday 07/01/2014. Sorry for the inconvenience. Look forward to seeing you all!

December  2013
Sat 21    9.00-17.00
Sun 22    10.00-17.00
Mon 23    closed until Jan 2014

January 2014
Mon 06    closed
Tue 07    10.00-19.00



Wednesday, 6 November 2013

our short trip to Sweden!

We've been in Sweden earlier this week to visit Amae Haircare!
Johan has an amazing studio space in Malmö, an ex-publishing factory beautifully converted into a hair/photo studio. This creative space is where Amae's HQ is and Johan and his team are based to meet their clients for photo sessions and other artistic projects. This time, we were there to get to know about their haircare and styling products range. 

つい先日、スウェーデンのMalmöにあるAmae Haircare社のスタジオに行ってきました。もともと印刷所として使われていたスペースは、改装により生まれ変わり、今ではAmaeの本社、そしてヘアスタジオ兼撮影スタジオとして、Johanとそのチームによる数々のアーティスティックなプロジェクトの為に使われています。今回わたし達は、彼らのヘアプロダクトについて説明を受けるためにこのスタジオを訪れました。

Thank you Johan and Christopher, it was such an inspirational time. Look forward to seeing you again soon and working with you!