Thursday, 22 May 2014

new magazines & books

Our new lovely magazines and books.

The Plant - Issue 6

Beautiful images of cherry blossoms in Japan and some useful  homemade scented candles tutorials!

新しいThe Plantは、表紙と巻頭が日本の桜の写真です。

Hot Rum Cow  - Issue 5

A magazine for all drink lovers (including us at BHC!). This issue is all about beer, so a must read if you like beers. You can also find nice tips on how to get served quickly at bars and an article about Japanese Sake!


Selvedge - Issue 58

Our favourite textile magazine! In relation to this month's theme Blue & White, it was lovely to find an article about Japanese indigo. 

わたし達の大のお気に入り。テキスタイルについての雑誌です。今号のテーマ、Blue & Whiteに関連して、日本の藍染めが取り上げられていました。

London Design Guide - 2014/2015

For all your design needs.  All our neighbours are in the book too!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Collect 2014

An inspirational day at Collect 2014, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects.
Lots of lots of lots of amazing jewelleries!! 

現代ジュエリーやオブジェなどの展示会、Collect 2014に行ってきました。