Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ivy cuttings

Ivy cuttings for more ivies.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

photo shooting off-shots

colour experimentations, dancing, jumping at photo shoots.

Making of BHC - part 5 - BHC mascots

Our sweet mascots are done by a daughter of an old client, who now have permanently returned to Japan. She would wait at the reception and do some drawings while her mother's having her hair done. With her permission the drawing now appears on our website and salon stationery. Super special thanks to Suzuka. 


History of our place

History of 42 Amwell Street, pre BHC. 
Built in 1823, the shop had several owners before owned by Lloyd family who ran a dairy through the 20th century. You can still enjoy some of the original features at BHC.

Inside Lloyd's Dairy

Old postcards to Mrs Lloyd, found during refurbishment 
BHC改装中に見つかったMrs Lloyd宛の絵はがき

Lloyds Dairy shopfront 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Myddelton Square

If you are coming from Angel station, we recommend you to cut through Myddelton Square. Please follow our map here.
Angel駅からの近道は、Myddelton Squareを抜けるのがおすすめです。地図は、こちら

Making of BHC - part 4 - textile hunting

Textile hunting for styling chairs and sofa. 

Making of BHC - part 3.2 - furniture layout

Layout experimentation. Our idea was to have the furniture freestanding so that they can be moved according to clients' preference etc. 


Making of BHC - part 3.1 - furniture

Bespoke rocking sofa, styling units and chairs, made with CNC cut birch plywood. Exciting assembling, then it's time for boys to try the rocking sofa. 


Making of BHC - part 2 - refurbishment

New cork floor and copper radiator/drier. Painting was very enjoyable but very hard!

Making of BHC - part 1 - pre-refurbishment

BHC before
Original glass panel, marble top counter and lino flooring. The plan was to keep the original features as much as possible.